Welcome to PROFES 2014

Image: Visit Helsinki

Image: Visit Helsinki / Niko Soveri

The 15th International Conference of Product Focused Software Development and Process Improvement (Profes) will be held for the first time in Helsinki, Finland, from 10-12 December 2014. The general chairs are Jürgen Münch and Tomi Männistö, professors for software engineering at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Helsinki.

Profes is the premier forum for practitioners, researchers, and educators to present and discuss experiences, ideas, innovations, as well as concerns related to software process and product quality improvement. The technical program will feature keynote talks, research papers, and other types of contributions. In addition, we plan to host a number of tutorials and workshops, as well as a doctoral symposium.

Helsinki is the software industry’s hit factory, the home of Rovio and its all conquering Angry Birds, and the home of Supercell, a company generating hundreds of millions of dollars a year with new and disruptive ways of software development. Many other renowned companies such as the outstanding computer security company F-Secure are based in Helsinki. Helsinki’s most well-known achievement with respect to software is the Linux operating system developed by Linus Torvalds when he was a student at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Helsinki. Later, Linux has become the basis of Android smartphones, tablets, and supercomputers all over the world. Today millions of people are using devices with Linux at their core.

From the sightseeing point of view, Helsinki is strewn with attractions and museums such as the Helsinki Cathedral, the Kiasma Museum for Contemporary Art, or the Church of the Rock, a stunning achievement of modern architecture. The atmosphere inside is especially magical during the Christmas season. Helsinki is easy to reach by air, rail or sea. Helsinki-Vantaa airport boasts more than 180 international landings daily. Only 25 minutes away from the city centre, it has been rated among the best by its users for many years in a row.

Profes in Helsinki will be a memorable event and a great opportunity for networking. We hope to see many of you in Helsinki.